A Call to Action!!

Due to a new business boom, my organization was expecting to refresh our office phone infrastructure.

We had an exceptionally decent framework in place as of now, but our business had grown significantly in just a few months. Since we rely on phone orders for most of our business by far, we were expecting an overhaul to handle the increased call volume.

We were fortunate to have an amazing relationship with our phone vendor, as within a matter of days we had the ability to have another framework ready to go.

It’s rare for organizations to find themselves in circumstances like this, however, when they do in fact occur, it’s critical to realize that the organizations you’ve decided to work with are able to meet your needs in a timely manner?

Prior to this incident, we had a truncation performed, after which we were informed that we were losing business because we didn’t have another telephone framework in place.

Anyone who has at any time maintained a business realizes that losing money because you are not prepared to deal with your customer’s demands is the most terrible method to lose money.

Having the ability to make a decision over the phone and realize that it would be handled quickly and productively was a tremendous relief to me. I realized that over time a lot of dollars were being lost and that was something I could not bear to let happen.

This whole circumstance got me thinking about the importance of knowing qualified vendors who can get you the items you want when you want them.

I quickly began investigating different areas where we were subject to different organizations so that labor and product could verify if we were using vendors that could work with the progressions that our developing business was facing.

After a long and difficult review, we chose to change our delivery organization and switch to another short-term call center administrator.

It wasn’t so much that our requirements weren’t being met at the time, but assuming things continued to develop, we would almost certainly outperform our current vendor’s ability to provide support.

Being proactive with your business relationships is just as important as being proactive with your business.

All things considered, most organizations rely on different organizations to keep their business running as planned.

I urge all entrepreneurs to seek out cooperatives and specialty vendors that can meet your needs now and in the future.

By the time your business grows, you will be glad you did.

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