3 Simple Tips to Help Your Electricity Bills Much Smaller

Save your money following the three steps provided below. From now on you may expect to pay smaller electricity bills. Make smart decisions and use your appliances in a different way.

Listen to our advice and see how effective our tips are.

1. Air Conditioning and Heat

People use air conditioners and heaters to create the right living environment. If you live in a cold country, you are likely to use your air conditioner for warming up while folks from hot climates use this equipment to make their homes feel cooler. 

  1. Make sure that the vents are clean and open at all times. Not every owner of the device knows that there is a whole airflow system installed in his home. Ask for professional assistance and check out the vents. Keep them clean and open. If there is some sort of blockage, then you will inevitable be wasting our money without realizing what the real issue is.
  2. Provide your living place with sufficient amounts of airflow. If your home cannot get enough airflow, it is very probable that the heater or air conditioner is blocked. The issue may be caused by a bookcase, sofa or any other big item. Resolve the problem.

2. Laundry Machines

Doing laundry is our weekly routine. It’s at times annoying. Have you ever tried to add the cost of doing your laundry? Make the whole process less annoying and frustrating by saving a few bucks here and there. Here is what can be done:

  1. Consider reducing the heat level. One of the leading electronics companies has recently reported that 90% of the power usage is heat that washing machines need to do laundry. They suggest users should try the cold setting to make the costs lower. Another great solution is to dry clothes outside rather than use the dryer. 
  2. Overpacking the dryer leads to increased costs. You take the clothes out when they are half dry and in most cases you’ll need to run the equipment again. Leave 25% of space and fill up the rest with items. The space is needed to let the fabrics expand and dry better.
  3. Laundry should be done at night rather than day. You know that peak hours are more expensive. At night many power providers let people use electricity with discounts. If your family consists of several members, this tip is especially useful. Find out whether your company offers special deals for night hours.

3. Dishwashers

All the tips that we have already given above work just fine for dishwashers too. The principles are similar. Keep the heat low or turn it down and do not overload the machine. This is an effective method that can help you avoid unnecessary expenses on power.

  1. Heat can and should be turned down if your goal is to save cash. Some brands of dishwashers can do just fine when the heated dry setting is switched off. The main purpose of the mentioned setting is to prevent water marks. Purchase a rinsing agent instead – it is cheap and lasts long.
  2. Make sure that you know how to load the dishwasher correctly. Stack the utensils the right way – that also helps to make your energy bill lower. Place the dishes on the bottom. Utensils should be in a separate section with the sharp parts up. Cups as well as bowls should be facing downward and placed on the top. This trick guarantees the perfect water flow. Avoid rewashing by using detergents with a stronger formula. Before loading the machine, rinse off the dishes.

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